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NGMed - A New Way of delivery medicine to people

What are the main problems in healthcare today?

  • Lack of availability or miscommunication between clients and healthcare providers
  • High costs associated with interaction between/inside clinics, insurance companies, pharmacies, the public sector and other participants
  • Closed and non client centric architecture of the healthcare
  • Existing healthcare IT systems are very complicated, based on legacy technologies, expensive, not unified (interoperability problem) and oriented to use inside clinics (closed)

How are we going to solve these issues?

Create social-oriented and collaborative cloud-based solution for patients, physicians and clinics.

  • Social applications in healthcare unite patients and physicians in a collaborative community
  • Unified communications destroy barriers between participants in the healthcare process
  • Advanced visualization maintain patients medical records in natural visual manner
  • Openness Ready to expand by building new applications and attracting apps partners
  • Cloud model SaaS model, which eliminates capital expenditure and reduces transaction costs

Value Proposal


  • Doctor/Clinic Search
  • 3D PHR
  • Electronic Appointments
  • Ask a Doctor
  • Virtual Visit
  • Prescription Control
  • Vital Indicators Management
  • Social Engine


  • eScheduler
  • 3D EMR
  • Consultations
  • Observations
  • Care Planner
  • Professional Social Eninge
  • Health Information Exchange System


  • Dashboard
  • 3D EMR
  • Electronic Appointments
  • Virtual Visit
  • Consultations
  • Observations
  • Care Planner
  • Health Information Exchange System
  • Community Engine

3D Electronic Medical Record: visualize your health

  • Create personal avatar

  • Allow doctors to view their patients’ electronic health record (EHR) using three-dimensional images of the human body

  • System maps the information in a patient’s EHR to a 3D avatar

  • An instrument of communication between patient and doctor

  • Increases the value of the conversation between doctor and patient and improves the resulting quality of care

  • Allows doctors to interact with medical data the same way they interact with their patients: by looking at the human body



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